Ovens for Composites Industry

With the continued development of resin technology, out-of-autoclave (OOA) processing has become a viable, cost effective solution to producing high quality composites structures. One such process, vacuum assisted composite curing (VACC), utilizes vacuum pressure along with a specially equipped, convection oven. Advantages of the process include flexibility, relatively low energy consumption, and a reduction in total process cycle time resulting in significantly lower manufacturing costs.

LEWCO's Applications Engineers put forth the effort to understand a customer's specific requirements. Our Applications Engineers take the time to walk through every step of your process so that they can fully understand how to improve it. This leads to a cost-effective solution and more efficient process. Our knowledge and years of experience in the industry gives us the ability to meet very strict specifications common within the aerospace industry (temperature uniformity, heat-up rates, controlled cooling rates, vacuum controls, etc.). LEWCO Ovens are easily designed to meet current standards such as AMS2750E and BAC5621. LEWCO's ovens for the composites industry are also commonly used for curing edge sealants and other aerospace coatings.