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"We returned to the experts at LEWCO"

- Monday, November 24, 2014
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LEWCO, Inc. recently delivered a High-Performance Drum Oven to a repeat customer who specializes in the broad areas of fluid cleaning and treatment for Nuclear Air Treatment Systems. Their scope of work includes radioisotope control, solvent vapor recycling, heavy metal recovery from various fluids, and complex chemical processing for industrial applications. They also fabricate these treatment systems and its related hardware, as well as design custom testing instrumentation.

The oven will be used to heat drums of an undisclosed substance, as part of a chemical process to create an adsorbent. The process is chemical in nature. This adsorbent is then used to remove contaminants from air and water.  

The oven can hold up to (24) drums and has a footprint of 208” wide by 84” deep. It features a top mounted heater box with a 144kW electric heater bank and a 9,000 CFM, high-efficiency, circulation fan, which delivers dual airflow to the workspace. The oven has a maximum operating temperature of 650°F. Standard controls were upgraded to include a Eurotherm Nanodac temperature controller. The temperature controller employs thermocouples to monitor the workspace temperature and change the airstream once a predetermined temperature is reached.  Once the temperature change takes place, an automatic timer will turn off the heating circuit after a predetermined soak time.

The customer purchased their first industrial oven from LEWCO eleven years ago and recently needed another one due to increased production requirements. According to the customer, “We purchased our first LEWCO Oven back in 2003 and are extremely satisfied with it. Today, our production requirements have since outgrown that oven and we needed to upgrade, so we returned to the experts at LEWCO.  They have made many improvements since our original oven and we’re delighted with them. There’s been major control improvements and the oven maintains a very steady temperature setting. Furthermore, the customer service has been incredible. The engineers were easy to work with and readily available when I needed to discuss project details.

– Larry, Project Manager