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LEWCO Delivers (6) Custom Drum Hot Boxes for Oil & Gas Industry Provider

- Wednesday, January 28, 2015
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SANDUSKY, OH – LEWCO, Inc. recently delivered (6) custom drum hot boxes to a leading global technology provider for the oil and gas industry based in Alberta, Canada. The hot boxes are heated with electric, low watt density Incoloy® heaters and are serviceable up to 300° F.  

Each hot box includes a specialized control panel specifically requested by the customer. The control panels feature telemetry communications allowing the customer to monitor the hot box set points and current temperatures remotely through any web connection. In addition to monitoring, the controls will automatically send an e-mail to designated recipients in the event that a safety alarm is triggered. The state of the art control panels underwent CSA inspection and approval prior to shipment, an option available on all LEWCO Industrial Ovens and Drum Heaters.

The customer indicated that it was imperative the hot boxes be designed to optimize plant floor space. This concern was address by LEWCO engineers re-designing standard models to relocate the circulation fans and control panels, essentially creating a left and right hand version of the unit. By doing this, the customer could place the hot boxes closer together and control the units more ergonomically.

According to the project’s application engineer, Michael Luli, “Our oven team met with the customer to ensure we fully understood their specifications. From the highly specialized controls to the limited space requirement, we wanted to make sure we gave them exactly what they needed.  And we did. They couldn’t have been more pleased. We did this not just by simply meeting the needs of the customer, but also by continuing to uphold the high quality reputation that LEWCO has built upon for the last 35 years.”


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