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Fuel-Fired, Conveyor Oven

- Wednesday, October 2, 2013
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LEWCO, Inc., a leading industrial oven manufacturer, recently delivered a fuel-fired, conveyor oven to a nationally known drum reconditioning facility.  The continuous process, industrial oven is used to dry water based paint on standard 55 gallon drums at a rate of 4 drums per minute.

The conveyor oven is designed to NFPA 86, Class A standards.  Dual heater-boxes provide the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of operating temperatures up to 500 F.  The drums are conveyed through the oven at a rate of 6-12 feet per minute on a dual strand chain conveyor.  LEWCO’s standard fuel-fired industrial oven controls were included.  This system provides a simple yet reliable operating platform.     

LEWCO Inc. manufactures a wide variety of industrial ovens and furnaces.  Products include batch ovens, conveyor ovens, composite curing ovens, annealing ovens, and drum ovens as well as high temperature heat treat ovens and annealing furnaces.  LEWCO products are employed in aerospace, automotive, primary metals, chemical, and numerous other manufacturing industries.  At LEWCO, Inc. we focus on customer value; quality products, on-time, at a competitive price.

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