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Composite Curing + Aerospace = LEWCO Industrial Ovens

- Thursday, October 9, 2014
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Need a composite curing oven? You're in the right place. LEWCO's enhanced duty batch ovens have been serving the composite and aerospace industries for over a decade. Time tested and proven, with over 200 standard models, LEWCO Batch Ovens are fully customizable to meet your process heating needs. And we’re happy to do it!

No other company puts forth the effort to understand a customer’s application like LEWCO. Our applications engineers take the time to walk through every step of your process so that they can fully understand how to improve it.  This leads to a cost-effective solution with a more efficient process. Our knowledge and years of experience in the industry gives us the ability to meet very strict specifications common within the aerospace industry (i.e. temperature uniformity, heat-up rates, controlled cooling rates, vacuum controls, etc.). Additionally, LEWCO Ovens are designed to meet current standards such as AMS2750E and BAC5621.

Intuitive control systems with a touch screen operator interface and data logging capabilities are a must. But we don’t stop there. Lately, there has been great advancement in the control systems for composite curing ovens. LEWCO is proud to be on the forefront of those advancements. Our controls engineers constantly work to develop innovative new systems, which include the latest technology in composite curing. Additionally, LEWCO controls engineers will work with the customer to tailor PLC programs and software to their specific requirements. All of this is done to ensure the customer gets the absolute best results from their LEWCO Oven.

We invite you to contact LEWCO for your next process heating need. Upon speaking with us, you’ll understand why there’s no better choice!

LEWCO Composites In Aerospace