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End User: A company that uses material handling equipment to aid in the manufacture of their product line.

Distributor: A company that typically sells allied material handling products including rack, mezzanies, cranes, hoists, scissor lifts, manipulators, etc.

System Integrator: A company that identifies purchases and manages the integration of various component parts and services to provide an automated solution to end user customers.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): Companies that manufacture equipment as the primary business focus and incorporates material handling component parts in the design of their product.

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What's New?


June 19, 2019

LEWCO’s Live Steam Cabinets Increase Production

LEWCO, Inc. recently delivered (4) custom live steam heated drum cabinets to a leading company in the petrochemical industry. As part of the customers manufacturing process,   Read More


November 21, 2018

LEWCO Drum Heating Cabinets Have Many Uses

LEWCO, Inc. manufactures a full line of drum & tote heating cabinets (Hot Boxes) that use electric, steam or thermal fluid, to heat materials to a maximum temperature of 300°F.   Read More


September 20, 2017

Walk-In Ovens for Chemical Processing

A customer in the chemical industry recently purchased two LEWCO Walk-In Ovens to heat materials in 55-gallon drums. In this process the heat evaporates water inside the drums to   Read More


March 30, 2017

Custom High-Performance Drum Oven for Petrochemical Company

LEWCO, Inc. recently manufactured a custom High-Performance Drum Oven for a petrochemical company in Thailand. The oven is steam heated and is rated for a maximum operating   Read More


July 1, 2016

High-Performance Tote Oven for Food Industry gets Custom Heater Box

LEWCO, Inc. recently completed a custom oven for a leading company in the candy industry. As part of the candy manufacturing process, glucose needs to be heated for melting prior   Read More


June 9, 2016

Custom Stainless Steel Drum Heating Cabinets for Food Industry

LEWCO, Inc. recently delivered (4) custom steam heated drum cabinets to one of the largest dairy companies in the world, located in Saudi Arabia. This repeat customer ordered   Read More


April 14, 2016

Constant Temperature Storage Cabinet for Testing Automotive Batteries

LEWCO, Inc. recently delivered a Constant Temperature Cabinet to a company specializing in the development of batteries for electric vehicles. The customer’s process required a   Read More


April 6, 2016

Drum Heating Cabinet with Vertical Lift Door

LEWCO recently completed a custom drum heating cabinet for a repeat customer in Thailand. The customer, a large petrochemical manufacturer, needed another drum heating cabinet in   Read More


March 4, 2016

Chemical Company Chooses High-Performance Tote Oven to Safely Heat Toxic Materials

LEWCO recently delivered a 300⁰F High-Performance Tote Heater to a leading company in the specialty chemicals industry. The customer expressed to LEWCO Engineers they needed a   Read More


February 15, 2016

“Hybrid” Hot Box Provides Electric or Steam Heat

LEWCO, Inc. recently delivered a custom “Hybrid” Hot Box to a large petro chemical company in Indonesia. The term “Hybrid” means the equipment is designed to heat with electric   Read More


January 26, 2016

Decreasing Heat-Up Time: Hot Box with Drum Rotators

LEWCO recently delivered a 300°F. hot box with integrated drum rotators to a repeat customer specializing in rubber and polymer components for OEM’s. A standard model EC04L was   Read More


January 19, 2016

Petrochemical Company Chooses LEWCO Constant Temperature Cabinet

When a leading petrochemical company couldn’t find a manufacturer for their equipment requirements, they turned to the engineers at LEWCO for help. The equipment, a custom   Read More


December 15, 2015

Hot Box for Heat Treating Pallets in the Food Processing Industry

LEWCO recently delivered a standard (4) Tote Hot Box, model EC4TV, to a customer in the food processing industry. The electric hot box will be used to sterilize wooden pallets   Read More


November 13, 2015

Custom Drum Heating Cabinets for Oil & Gas Industry

LEWCO recently delivered two 550°F drum heating cabinets to a multi-national company in the petroleum refining and gas processing industry. The custom cabinets employ thermal   Read More


November 9, 2015

Choosing your (8) Drum Hot Box Configuration

Trying to decide which configuration is best for your (8) Drum Hot Box? This might   Read More


November 4, 2015

High-Performance Oven for Leading Provider of Paint and Coatings

SANDUSKY, OH – LEWCO, Inc. recently shipped a High-Performance Tote Oven to a leading global technology provider of paint and other coatings. The oven, model HSC08TV, is steam   Read More


September 30, 2015

Constant Temperature Storage Cabinet

LEWCO recently delivered its 4th constant temperature storage cabinet to a multi-national beverage manufacturer. Many beverage manufacturers use a product called “Velcorin” as a   Read More


January 28, 2015

LEWCO Delivers (6) Custom Drum Hot Boxes for Oil & Gas Industry Provider

SANDUSKY, OH – LEWCO, Inc. recently delivered (6) custom drum hot boxes to a leading global technology provider for the oil and gas industry based in Alberta, Canada. The hot   Read More


November 24, 2014

"We returned to the experts at LEWCO"

LEWCO, Inc. recently delivered a High-Performance Drum Oven to a repeat customer who specializes in the broad areas of fluid cleaning and treatment for Nuclear Air Treatment   Read More


October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat! LEWCO Drum Hot Boxes in the Candy Industry

Trick or Treat! Did you know LEWCO Drum Hot Boxes are used to heat a key ingredient in many popular chocolate candies, such as Baby Ruths and Crunch bars? The key ingredient,   Read More


August 9, 2012

Custom Steam Heated Tunnel With Integrated Conveyor System

55 gallon drums are conveyed into the oven for heating. This composites customer required a custom application for heating 55-gallon drums. LEWCO engineers worked vigorously   Read More


June 19, 2012

Constant Temperature Cabinet Helps A Major Beverage Manufacturer Maintain A Key Processing Ingredient

Constant Temperature Cabinet Velcorin® is a control agent which is very effective at eliminating spoilage by micro-organisms such as yeast, bacteria and mold. It’s critical to   Read More