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LEWCO has worked with many of the world's top aerospace companies. We have experience in many applications within this industry including composite curing, drying coatings and edge sealants, and heat-treating specialty metals. LEWCO batch ovens have an excellent reputation within this market. We have a thorough understanding of the strict temperature uniformity requirements and the data acquisition needed by our customers to document their processes.



Industrial ovens are used extensively for a variety of applications in the automotive industry. LEWCO has a reputation of providing the industry with reliable and efficient heat-treating equipment. LEWCO walk-in ovens and conveyor ovens are widely used for heat-treating, composite curing, drying, finishing, and annealing.                            



The materials typically used in ship construction are steel, lightweight metals, or composite material. The shipbuilders require dependable process heating to convert the raw materials to their final form. LEWCO batch ovens and conveyor ovens are widely used for the multiple applications in this industry.

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