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The use of composite materials continues to grow throughout multiple industries as more manufacturers are using it to produce high-performance products. Composite curing processes require strict specifications such as temperature uniformity, heat-up rates, and controlled cooling rates. LEWCO enhanced-duty batch ovens are designed to meet these strict specifications ensuring production of high quality parts.



Plastics derive from the chemical industry and are one of the more widely used materials in the world. There are many process heating applications used for manufacturing plastics that include annealing, curing, and drying. LEWCO batch ovens and conveyor ovens are used for these processes.


Metals & Alloys

Many different types of metals and alloys are heat-treated using industrial ovens to create individual parts, assemblies, or large scale structures.  There are multiple applications used in this industry such as pre-heating, stress relieving, aging, and annealing. LEWCO batch and conveyor ovens provide excellent temperature uniformity for these processes.


Advanced Materials 

The development and usage of advanced materials is rapidly growing as scientists are finding innovative ways to combine materials for various products. Advanced materials processes include engineered polymers and resins, advanced fibers, metal matrix composites, powder metals, high-temperature alloys, and specialty chemicals. These materials are being used to manufacture a multitude of products that include medical devices, automotive components, marine applications, construction materials, and consumer products. LEWCO walk-in ovens are used to manufacture many of the products made from these materials.


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