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Heat treating is a general term that refers to many different processes used in manufacturing of metals, plastics, and other materials.  These processes involve heating, and sometimes cooling, at different rates and durations in order to alter the physical or molecular properties of the material.  Depending on application, temperature control and uniformity may be critical. 


LEWCO batch ovens and conveyor ovens serve many heat treating processes.  In addition to a large standard model offering, we excel at custom oven solutions, particularly those with challenging material handling requirements.  Our Applications Engineers work closely with customers from project inception to define both risks and requirements.  The LEWCO process develops industrial oven solutions that minimize risk and save cost.    


Examples of LEWCO industrial ovens in heat treating applications include:


A continuous conveyor oven for Annealing taillight assemblies


A conveyor oven for Stress Relieving torsion springs


A custom compression conveyor oven for Curing a foam binder used in the manufacture of mattress .